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    Estate Sales

    Handling a loved one’s estate or needing to liquidate your own personal assets can be a difficult and emotional task. Our team handles everything from staging the sale, pricing, advertising, signage, crowd control, staffing and cleanup. Let us minimize your stress. Our priority is to liquidate household contents as quickly and efficiently as possible. When pricing items, we consider all markets and other important factors relating to the item, ensuring an optimal outcome for you. Benefits of a professional sale include targeted advertising, signage, crowd control, staffing and negotiation. Throughout the liquidation process, your household contents will be treated with respect. We understand that you are not only liquidating personal property, but that you may have memories associated with many of the items to be sold. Our goal is to provide you with a professional liquidation and to help eliminate the unwanted stress associated with such situations.


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    Internet Auctions

    Internet Auction Services uses eBay and other internet venues to directly market certain categories of collectibles: costume jewelry, figurines, memorabilia, pottery, art, glass and thousands of other categories. We runs multiple online internet auction stores, including eBay. Great success has been achieved in getting maximum dollars for items that may seem ordinary to some, but are highly sought after treasures by avid collectors. Through on-line marketing, access to collectors that were at one time isolated is achieved. The internet is an excellent way of contacting various associations and private collectors to make them aware of available merchandise that is unique to their special interests.

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    Estate Buyouts

    The task of organizing personal property to maximize its value can seem overwhelming and time consuming. A buyout occurs when a dealer purchases everything in an estate for a wholesale price. If the personal property is located in a storage facility, co-op, condominium or apartment house where estate sales are not permitted, a buyout is a viable option. A buyout should be considered when immediate cash is needed or when the value of the items to be sold is determined to be so marginal that taking the time required to pursue maximizing its value with other options is not cost effective. Our Comprehensive Buyout Service will purchase the personal property which needs to be liquidated and leave the premises broom clean.

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    Appraisal Services

    A full complement of professional appraisal services is offered and provides our clients with an accurate, impartial and informed value of each item’s true market value.

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    Consignment Services

    Consignment services are available for full estate liquidations or to sell particular items either before or after a sale.

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    Auction Services

    Auctions are for personal property which benefits from the competitive setting only an auction bidding process can generate. Auctions are a great option for single high value items, special collections or personal property located where an estate sale is not possible. We provide the expertise, understanding and strengths of a variety of auction companies in order to generate the greatest value through matching your property to the most appropriate auction house. Your valuables will be inventoried, packed and transported to the proper auction house. We receive discounted rates from many auction houses allowing us to provide an integrated liquidation service to you which is thorough and reliable.

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    Senior Relocation

    Experienced and sensitive senior relocation services are offered. Dominion Estate Sales compassionately assists elderly residents transition from their home into another residence or care facility. Dominion Estate Sales works closely with conservators, family members and senior referral services to plan the move; sort, pack and ship belongings; arrange shipments of personal property and furniture. Dominion Estate Sales provides turnkey services for your new residence making the move stress and worry free. In short, Dominion Estate Sales will do whatever is necessary to satisfy the needs of our clients, with grace

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    Other Services

    • Arranging an Estate Sale with Staging
    • Vehicle(s) Sales and Removal
    • Landscaping Services/Property Prep for Home Sale
    • Internet and Live Auction Consignments
    • Junk Clean Out and Removal
    • Liaison Services with Real Estate Companies and Agents

What Our Clients Say

“Dominion Estate Sales managed a very sensitive sale for our family. Downsizing after an illness, we parted with a large amount of memorabilia, art, jewelry, furniture, books & mementos from a lifetime in public service. The team at Dominion was very kind, supportive and respectful. They provided great guidance, service, security and handled every aspect of the entire process with white gloves and an eye towards privacy. I offer my highest personal recommendation of Dominion Estate Sales.”

Debbi Alexander, Warrenton VA

“Kevin and Karen are fantastic people to work with. My family was in a difficult position, emotionally, physically, and financially.  We had to move out of our home of over 40 years in a few short weeks. We referred to Dominion Estate Sales and from the time we met Kevin, we knew we would be in good hands. He showed compassion and empathy for our struggles. Then we met Karen, who is also a caring, competent individual. Together, we were able to gather forces to get the job done, even with inclement weather in the Winter. We would highly recommend Dominion Estate Sales because they do not just see a potential sale for their company, they really care about the people and understand how difficult it was for us to part with our belongings.”

Christiania Chang, McLean VA

“Dominion Estate Sales has been a pleasure to work with. It is a family run business, and they are very accessible and easy to communicate with. Their bookkeeping is clear and concise. They do what they say they’re going to do, in the time frame promised. Both Kevin & Karen attend to details and have made the daunting task of closing out a loved one’s house possible. Highly recommend them!”

Fran Kranich, Strasburg VA

We now offer online auctions!